Day Trips

Want to give your muscles a rest? There are plenty of other great things to see and do around Hakuba.

Some of the most popular sights to see include: Matsumoto_Castle

Matsumoto Castle, Matsumoto

Matsumoto Castle is a Japanese National Treasure. It has weathered the trials of wars & insurgencies for over 400 years. The City of Matsumoto has grown up around the Castle. The Donjon Tower (Tenshu) is the oldest 5 story tower in Japan. It was built for warfare. Subsequent additions were constructed in peaceful times & display a more graceful architecture, such as the Moon Observatory (Tsukimi-Yagura).

Zenkoji Temple, NaganoZenkoji_temple

The Zenkoji Temple is a must see when in the Hakuba area. The Temple was founded over 1400 years ago & was last reconstructed in 1707. The Temple holds the oldest Buddhist statute in Japan having been brought here from China in the 7th Century. The original statute is not on display but a copy is displayed every 7 years. In contrast to Matsumoto, the City of Nagano has grown up around the Temple.

Jigokudani Yaenkeon (Wild Monkey Onsen) snow-monkey

The local monkeys are Japanese Macaque. In this area, and this area alone, the monkeys bathe, swim, wade & frolic in the local hot springs. The monkey park is located on the banks of the Yokoyu River in the Jigokudani (Hell's Gates) Valley at an elevation of 850 meters. Over 200 monkeys live there. You will be able to come right up to them, but don't touch or feed them!

There is a 1.6 kilometre walk from where the mini-bus parks to the Monkey Onsen through the Jigokudani Valley.

If you’re interested in any of these amazing sights, just contact us and we will gladly help you arrange your day out.